Why I Prefer Copper Cookware

The question that whether to buy the copper cookware for the home kitchen is the smart one given the high investment required. For the home kitchen, where the stainless steel and non – stick cookware often taking preference, I prefer copper cookware due to its striking features which justify its expense. Copper Cookware is strikingly beautiful. It is almost the iconic symbol of the high – end professional kitchen. This cookware is basically made of copper with the combination of stainless steel.

Cooking in copper cookwareCopper heats up faster than any other metal and adjusts quickly to the variation in the temperature setting during cooking which allows it to maintain a more constant temperature. It responds very quickly and effectively on the change in the temperature and gives the cooks far better control over the contents of the cookware. Unlike the stainless steel, the heat is very quickly transferred around the copper. Just as importantly, the copper cookware loses its heat when it is removed from the heat source so, the content in the cookware stops cooking at the moment when you turn off the gas.

The thermal conductivity of the copper cookware also ensures the even distribution of heat around the surface of the pan, so you no longer worry about the beef medallions in the center of the pan cooking faster than those near the edge and that is Why I Prefer Copper Cookware.

Copper cookware gains popularity because of its stylish looks. Copper Cookware looks great and it is the stylish addition to any kitchen. This eye – catching copper cookware can be displayed openly making it easy to reach when cooking and also adding the pleasant kitchen decor as well.

copper cookware plated with tinMost of the copper cookware is plated in either tin or stainless steel to keep the reaction between the acidic foods the copper metal at bay. This cookware is valued in the kitchen when preparing foods texture and flavor is reliant on the careful and controlled cooking. The excellent conductivity of the copper cookware allows you to better preserves the moisture inside these foods.

Another most striking feature of the copper cookware is that it is lighter than other types of cookware which make easier to handle and make the cooking easy and effective. Copper cookware prevents burnt spots which is good to keep the equipment clean. Some cookware are designed with the advantages of copper in between other types of metal like aluminum or stainless steel makes it less expensive than the original copper cookware, however, the copper alone outweighs the cooking efficiency of most types of cookware. Copper cookware is better when compared to the other types of the cookware.

cleaning copper cookwareAs this cookware have so much of the quality features then it is obvious that it requires more care than the alternatives. Copper cookware is quite easy to clean and maintain. The smooth structure of the copper cookware easily removes small pieces of food from the pan’s surface and this is another reason for preferring the copper cookware.

These striking features of the copper cookware are surely justifying its expense and make it easy for you to take the decision regarding buying of the copper cookware. If you want to buy the best copper cookware set in the market, I would suggest you to check out the Best cookware set reviews of 2016. They write reviews to help you make all your buying decisions.

Zojirushi Bread Machines

Zojirushi logoHow does it go when a bread lover wants to satisfy his taste and crave for the bread and not compromise with the quality and easiness of the same? That’s when the Zojirushi comes to the rescue. The Japanese brand that has the perfect blend of quality and sustainability when it comes to the best bread making experience. What could be better than a reliable and effective machine that offers you great quality bread with even better taste? The Zojirushi is well known to be the king of the bread machine brands available and is also nicknamed as Home Bakery Supreme. The super product comes with a well-defined set of instruction for use and a recipe book that helps you master the best breads. When the instructions given in the user manual are followed sincerely, it gives you the perfect kind of bread that you may desire for! Since, this is a fully automatic bread making machine, it has no issues with whether you have any experience at bread preparation or not. Simply follow the instructions and enjoy the outcome.

Some basic features

The king of bread making machines offers a wide variety of features installed in the super machine that helps the user to create the best quality breads one could imagine. Keeping in mind the instructions to be followed, the features installed can be put to their best use. Some of these features are given as follows.

  • The bread machine is made up of stainless steel that offers great strength and durability.
  • Effective pre-programmed settings have been installed.
  • It also contains a nicely customized knead, rise and bake settings with a dual kneading blade.
  • A removable baking pan is also installed that makes about 2 pounds of bread loaves in 2 hours.
  • A large viewing window that allows the user to keep track of the process.

This bread machine comes with 4 side items that include a measuring cup, a measuring spoon, a user manual and a recipe book.

Another very important and a great advantage that this machine offers is its compatibility with the gluten free bread making and its dough. When it comes to preparation of effective and soft gluten free bread, the Zojirushi serves as the best companion.

The three models

Zojirushi bread machinesThe Zojirushi bread machines have been launched in three models. All of the three are identical with a slight difference in some basic features. Read out below about all three and check which one suits your criteria and get your hands to the best at the earliest.

  • Zojirushi BB-PAC20: The BB-PAC20 is widely known to be the best one for the preparation of traditional loaf. There is a heater installed at the lid which makes sure the bread is baked evenly from all the sides. Various kinds of bread can be baked using the BB-PAC20 such as the basic bread, gluten-free bread, pizza dough, sourdough starter, cake, donut dough, wheat bread etc. The machine also comes with a 13-hour delay timer.
  • Zojirushi BB-HAC10: The BB-HAC10 is best suited for the singles and small families. This machine bakes a 1-pound loaf and the bread made from it can be consumed within 2 days easily.
  • Zojirushi BB-CEC20: The BB-CEC20 is very effective and is known to prepare 2 pounds of a loaf in about 2 hours. It comes with a removable pan of 2 pounds and is best for the gluten free bread making. The pre-programmed settings installed into the machine makes it easier for even a beginner to master the art of bread making.

To conclude with, all three are somewhat identical with a slight difference. The BB-CEC20 is cheaper and BB-PAC20 gives crisp top crust. Colours can be chosen from white and black.

So, go and grab the best fit for your requirement soon! Happy bread making!

Is buying a Zojirushi worth the money? Why?

When I started to live on my own, I used to purchase things at the garden sales, thrift shops and flea markets etc. I was attracted by the extremely low prices of some goods which seemed to work properly and was amazed by the sellers who were not making much money (according to me) by selling them. Sometimes the things worked fine but sometimes I was duped. I couldn’t complain anywhere and had to run another errand to another flea market. Finally, the experiences with my rice cookers led me to finally stop and go for a perfect balance between money and quality. In those days, money was a pretty serious issue and I had to find some way outs to live on my stringent budget. But now, with a decent job and some savings, I can purchase and use good quality things.

Zojirushi fuzzy logic rice cookerHaving given you an overview of my earlier shopping history, you will not be surprised if I tell you that before purchasing a Zojirushi fuzzy logic rice cooker, I used and tolerated 10 other rice cookers of different brands and in different conditions. After having had enough, I just saved for the first EMI and bought my Zojirushi cooker. This is the best rice cooker on the market. I was not able to pay the complete price at that time and completed the payment I around 14 installments. But there was never a bad day at cooking and I never faced any problem related to it. The rice came out perfectly cooked, in different textures and smelled great. There was no undercooked or overcooked rice, the pan was actually non-stick, rice never bubbled out of the cooker leaving starchy gooey mess in my kitchen and there was never ever a single occasion when I was disappointed at the Zojirushi Rice Cooker. I felt like it was a one-time investment just like buying a house or some car. It was expensive, but good for forever.

Pricey Issues

SZojirushi  rice cookersome people always say that the Zojirushi rice cookers are too much expensive and you need not spend such an obscene amount of money on a simple thing which you can have in less than even half the price. But what these people don’t tell is the longevity of such cookers, the features installed in them, the ability to sense the errors in the measurements and still cook the rice perfect, the extent of the non-stickiness in the cooking pan and how much would it cost to buy a cooker 3 or 4 times in your life when one gets out of order.

Believe me folks, I have tried it all. I have gone for the sales, I have gone for the medium level brands, I have cooked food in the so-called good and cheap brands and I have even purchased the ones that come with the 100% replacement policies. They only tend to get costly over the time. Ok, try to think about having a house which would require a huge sum and will be yours forever. And compare this with living in an apartment. Count the amount of rent, security deposits, movers and packers costs and other things and compare it with your own house. You will find your answer and go for buying the Zojirushi cooker which suits you. Count the cost in the long run to avoid spending more.

Craft of espresso making

perfect espressoThe craft of espresso making is connected to multiple small details that most people did not consider, while trying to make their favorite drink. Actually, when we brew the espresso at home we are simply putting the final touches to an already designed piece of art.

According to connoisseurs you should consider the quality of coffee beans you are going to use, and may be even invent your own unique mix. The espresso machine is the next factor that would bring your coffee to the next level and it should be purchased with that in mind.  If you are thinking of buying a new espresso machine, then you must first read home espresso machine reviews at The Edge. TheEdgeCoffee.com analyzes user-generated espresso maker reviews and recommends products for purchase based on findings. It is also recommended to buy an espresso machine from a trusted brand. When it comes to reliability, DeLonghi is considered by many as a dependable manufacturer of high quality home espresso machines. DeLonghi ESAM3300 is one of their best automatic espresso machines. Other important things are the accessories and the cleaning supplies for the maintenance of your espresso machine, as good espresso comes only from clean machines.

Next come the techniques involved with the making of the perfect espresso shot. There are four actions to perform before you are able to drink that delicious liquid – grind, dose, tamp and pour. Let us now walk together through the process step by step.


Grinding is maybe the most important thing to consider, if you want to make the best possible espresso shot. The freshly grinded coffee beans are the difference between a great and mediocre cup of coffee. It is always important to grind the coffee beans just before brewing them, so that they would preserve their flavor. Fortunately, there are very good quality grinders on the market, as well as some espresso machines with a grinder built within them. Make sure that your coffee beans are grinded to the point they look like granulated sugar.


This process involves the amount of grinded coffee you are going to put into the portafilter. Here what matters is your own taste, as the shot may be stronger or weaker according to your personal preferences.


The tamping process works to level the grounds in the portafilter, so that there is uniformity of extraction when the water goes through the coffee. Make sure you achieve an even and polished look and tamp until the coffee looks like that.


For the proper pouring to take place you need to place the portafilter into the brew group and put the well preheated cup under it. It is important to watch the time while initiating the pull, because that would allow you to learn how to make it just perfect.

If you have right espresso machine and done all four steps in the correct way, you would see the first black coffee coming out, then it would be followed by a coffee and cream mixture, coming out in a thin stream. The brewing time should be less than 30 seconds. To achieve perfect results you would need a lot of practice, but if you have the patience the end result would be worth all the trouble in the between.

Our Story

B&O Espresso was the brain-child of two crazy American gals back in 1976, having just returned from living overseas in Europe, with dreams of bringing espresso to Seattle. At the time, the concept of a business devoted to coffee sales alone was considered strange: “Nobody can do business on selling just coffee! They must be crazy!” Lo and behold, with its doors swinging open in 1976, the line-out-the-door of B&O Espresso became a constant reminder that something was done right. Who would have known that it was just the beginning of something even BIGGER to come?
Our Story

B&O Espresso continued to build its reputation with homemade desserts and recipes from Europe. And, since no one roasted espresso in Seattle in those days, B&O Espresso brought in espresso direct from San Francisco, building an amazing, devoted following of coffee lovers for the next 37 years in the one location. Due to new development, however, B&O Espresso was forced to relocate in February 2013, opening its doors in the new neighborhood of Ballard. Smaller, cozier, and just as rich in atmosphere, Ballard was a prime location for B&O Espresso to introduce its famed dessert baker of 27 years to continue the magic. And, guess what… Still crazy after all these years!

B&O Espresso

B&O Espresso has been a local favorite coffeeshop and bakery since opening in 1976. We create handcrafted espresso, tasty crepes, fresh baked cakes, artisian desserts, and a little bit of authentic Middle Eastern bites.

Everything is made in house and from scratch right down to our chai and caramel sauce. We pride ourselves on creating a little peaceful getaway, so come and have a cup of coffee with us!

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