Our Story

B&O Espresso was the brain-child of two crazy American gals back in 1976, having just returned from living overseas in Europe, with dreams of bringing espresso to Seattle. At the time, the concept of a business devoted to coffee sales alone was considered strange: “Nobody can do business on selling just coffee! They must be crazy!” Lo and behold, with its doors swinging open in 1976, the line-out-the-door of B&O Espresso became a constant reminder that something was done right. Who would have known that it was just the beginning of something even BIGGER to come?
Our Story

B&O Espresso continued to build its reputation with homemade desserts and recipes from Europe. And, since no one roasted espresso in Seattle in those days, B&O Espresso brought in espresso direct from San Francisco, building an amazing, devoted following of coffee lovers for the next 37 years in the one location. Due to new development, however, B&O Espresso was forced to relocate in February 2013, opening its doors in the new neighborhood of Ballard. Smaller, cozier, and just as rich in atmosphere, Ballard was a prime location for B&O Espresso to introduce its famed dessert baker of 27 years to continue the magic. And, guess what… Still crazy after all these years!

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