Jura Impressa Z9 One Touch TFT Review

When Jura named their latest espresso machine the Impressa, they sure hit the nail on the head.  The Jura Impressa Z9 One Touch TFT espresso machine is one of the most—if not the most—impressive pieces of technology to hit the industry.  Right now it is the best super-automatic espresso machine on the market , but until they get their price point down, we just can’t put it higher on the list and feel good about ourselves.

Still, this is definitely one that you want if you can afford it.  The main feature here is the full color TFT touch screen with intuitive controls and a completely adjustable display screen with full options.  Yes, this means custom everything.  Set up your presets with your favorite settings, blends, temperatures, options, etc. and get the perfect drink with just the touch of a button.  In fact, set up six of these presets for all six of your favorite blends (or two of yours, two of your spouse’s, etc.).

Of course, while super impressive, the technology display doesn’t stop there.  The Jura Impressa espresso machine has dual thermoblocks, meaning you get the absolute perfect temperature for steaming and brewing, every single time you use the espresso maker.  Plus, the fine-foam function produces the highest-quality of textured frothy milk that we’ve ever seen outside of a professional coffeehouse.

You can pick through three different water temperature settings and five levels of coffee strength as you brew, allowing you to fine tune your final product exactly to your tastes.  If you are the type that really knows his or her way around the espresso machine, create as you go with the à la carte function which allows you to adjust your settings as you brew!  This is the complete beans and milk to delicious brew, all in one, one touch countertop espresso station.

Jura Impressa Review—Product Features

In addition to the main full color TFT feature, there are a number of other reasons why the Jura Impressa is the best super-automatic espresso maker out there:

  • Versatility.  Make steamed milk, latte macchiatos, cappuccinos, coffee, cafe cremas, Americanos, tea, hot water, espressos—whatever your heart desires in the hot beverage and specialty department, the Impressa can create it for you.
  • Programmable.  It’s super-easy to program eleven specialty drinks with the prep buttons on the TFT, all positioned right in the center of the console for easy access.
  • Powerful.  With a 15-bar pressure pump, fine foam technology, two thermoblocks and a pre-infusion cycle that gets you complete extraction for the best flavors, you’re brewing with pure power with the Jura Impressa One Touch.
  • Customization.  In addition to saving your favorite settings, you can also go on the fly with a la carte or override the cup size and strength of your drink in the middle of the brewing process without messing up your saved settings.
  • Healthy and Clean.  The CLEARYL water-care system that the Jura Impressa uses automatically removes all the lead, chlorine, aluminum and copper from the tap water you use in the water tank, giving you cleaner, purer, healthier brews in every cup.
  • Other Features.  A 10 ounce bean hopper with built-in grinder and pre-ground automatic funnel system takes care of any type of bean or ground you have; a whopping 96 ounce removable water tank; adjustable spout accommodates any sized cup; Zero Energy button and Energy Saving Standby Mode keep energy bills down.

What Do Owners Like About the Jura Impressa Espresso Machine?

For the lucky espresso lovers who already have the Jura Impressa, here’s what they love about it:

  1.  Whereas other espresso machines only use about 10 to 12 grams of grounds, the Jura Impressa uses 16 grams for a more pure, rich taste and aroma
  2. The ceramic grinder is elite in its class
  3. High-quality materials, Swiss standards of perfection.   The Impressa sets the standards for the industry moving forward.
  4. Super-silent operation along with cup illumination makes it perfect for early morning use when the rest of the house is sleeping
  5. Optional Cool Control Basic Temperature Controlled Milk Container keeps milk at exact temperature, acting as a mini-fridge, ensuring you can hit that perfect 39 degrees F needed for perfect frothing

What Could Be Better About the Impressa from Jura?

What customers are saying:

  1. You have to clean the milk tube manually every day whereas other high end models clean it automatically
  2. Brew group is not removable
  3. The hefty price tag means this certainly isn’t for everyone

Who Should Buy The Jura One Touch Espresso Machine? 

If you want the absolute best and can afford it, this is the espresso machine you need.  Look no further. 

Who Should Not Buy The Jura Z9 Impressa? 

If you don’t have $3,600 to spend on an espresso machine or just want something simple, this is not the machine for you.

Jura Z9 Impressa One Touch Espresso Machine Review—The Bottom Line

As we mentioned, the only reason that the Jura Z9 Impressa Espresso Machine is down on the list is because of the price.  There is no questioning the fact that this is the superior model out there on the market right now.  It has all the bells and whistles and looks amazing.  On top of that, it really is well-built and easy to use.

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