Is buying a Zojirushi worth the money? Why?

When I started to live on my own, I used to purchase things at the garden sales, thrift shops and flea markets etc. I was attracted by the extremely low prices of some goods which seemed to work properly and was amazed by the sellers who were not making much money (according to me) by selling them. Sometimes the things worked fine but sometimes I was duped. I couldn’t complain anywhere and had to run another errand to another flea market. Finally, the experiences with my rice cookers led me to finally stop and go for a perfect balance between money and quality. In those days, money was a pretty serious issue and I had to find some way outs to live on my stringent budget. But now, with a decent job and some savings, I can purchase and use good quality things.

Zojirushi fuzzy logic rice cookerHaving given you an overview of my earlier shopping history, you will not be surprised if I tell you that before purchasing a Zojirushi fuzzy logic rice cooker, I used and tolerated 10 other rice cookers of different brands and in different conditions. After having had enough, I just saved for the first EMI and bought my Zojirushi cooker. This is the best rice cooker on the market. I was not able to pay the complete price at that time and completed the payment I around 14 installments. But there was never a bad day at cooking and I never faced any problem related to it. The rice came out perfectly cooked, in different textures and smelled great. There was no undercooked or overcooked rice, the pan was actually non-stick, rice never bubbled out of the cooker leaving starchy gooey mess in my kitchen and there was never ever a single occasion when I was disappointed at the Zojirushi Rice Cooker. I felt like it was a one-time investment just like buying a house or some car. It was expensive, but good for forever.

Pricey Issues

SZojirushi  rice cookersome people always say that the Zojirushi rice cookers are too much expensive and you need not spend such an obscene amount of money on a simple thing which you can have in less than even half the price. But what these people don’t tell is the longevity of such cookers, the features installed in them, the ability to sense the errors in the measurements and still cook the rice perfect, the extent of the non-stickiness in the cooking pan and how much would it cost to buy a cooker 3 or 4 times in your life when one gets out of order.

Believe me folks, I have tried it all. I have gone for the sales, I have gone for the medium level brands, I have cooked food in the so-called good and cheap brands and I have even purchased the ones that come with the 100% replacement policies. They only tend to get costly over the time. Ok, try to think about having a house which would require a huge sum and will be yours forever. And compare this with living in an apartment. Count the amount of rent, security deposits, movers and packers costs and other things and compare it with your own house. You will find your answer and go for buying the Zojirushi cooker which suits you. Count the cost in the long run to avoid spending more.

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