Craft of espresso making

perfect espressoThe craft of espresso making is connected to multiple small details that most people did not consider, while trying to make their favorite drink. Actually, when we brew the espresso at home we are simply putting the final touches to an already designed piece of art.

According to connoisseurs you should consider the quality of coffee beans you are going to use, and may be even invent your own unique mix. The espresso machine is the next factor that would bring your coffee to the next level and it should be purchased with that in mind.  If you are thinking of buying a new espresso machine, then you must first read home espresso machine reviews at The Edge. analyzes user-generated espresso maker reviews and recommends products for purchase based on findings. It is also recommended to buy an espresso machine from a trusted brand. When it comes to reliability, DeLonghi is considered by many as a dependable manufacturer of high quality home espresso machines. DeLonghi ESAM3300 is one of their best automatic espresso machines. Other important things are the accessories and the cleaning supplies for the maintenance of your espresso machine, as good espresso comes only from clean machines.

Next come the techniques involved with the making of the perfect espresso shot. There are four actions to perform before you are able to drink that delicious liquid – grind, dose, tamp and pour. Let us now walk together through the process step by step.


Grinding is maybe the most important thing to consider, if you want to make the best possible espresso shot. The freshly grinded coffee beans are the difference between a great and mediocre cup of coffee. It is always important to grind the coffee beans just before brewing them, so that they would preserve their flavor. Fortunately, there are very good quality grinders on the market, as well as some espresso machines with a grinder built within them. Make sure that your coffee beans are grinded to the point they look like granulated sugar.


This process involves the amount of grinded coffee you are going to put into the portafilter. Here what matters is your own taste, as the shot may be stronger or weaker according to your personal preferences.


The tamping process works to level the grounds in the portafilter, so that there is uniformity of extraction when the water goes through the coffee. Make sure you achieve an even and polished look and tamp until the coffee looks like that.


For the proper pouring to take place you need to place the portafilter into the brew group and put the well preheated cup under it. It is important to watch the time while initiating the pull, because that would allow you to learn how to make it just perfect.

If you have right espresso machine and done all four steps in the correct way, you would see the first black coffee coming out, then it would be followed by a coffee and cream mixture, coming out in a thin stream. The brewing time should be less than 30 seconds. To achieve perfect results you would need a lot of practice, but if you have the patience the end result would be worth all the trouble in the between.

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